There are many ways to grow tomatoes. It actually depends on what kind of location you will be planting or intend to grow them. Read below to find out ways on how to grow tomatoes.

The best thing that you can do in order to grow tomatoes is to grow them naturally and chemical free. Pesticides can produce side effects to tomatoes. Also, they are not just getting rid of the harmful pests in the garden but as well as the friendly insects which can help maintain your garden in other ways. In order to grow healthy tomatoes the natural way, it should start with the soil.

The soil that should be used must be chemical free. The soil must be mixed with organic matters most especially in early winter. Cow manure is one of the best organic fertilizers that can be used in growing tomatoes. Cow manure can be used if you’re also having issues with your lawn after using a lawnmower.

If you have a bigger space for your tomatoes then a greenhouse or your garden would be surely a great place where they have an adequate source of sunlight that aids their growth. However, make sure that the soil in the garden must be safe for the tomatoes so they can grow well.

If you have a smaller garden or even window garden at home and you still want to grow tomatoes, then growing tomatoes in pots would be a great choice. But make sure that the pot is well suited to the plant. Some tomato plants can be grown in small pots but there are some that need a larger pot or even need to be outside. Make sure that you give them enough space in the pot to grow and put them in a location that can provide them good sunlight.

The overall requirement that you need to provide for the tomato plants are:

Location – whether you are growing in pots or in the garden, the location should give the plant enough exposure to sunlight and water.

Soil – It should be mixed with organic matters to grow healthy tomatoes. Soil should also be maintained for both moisture, unwanted pests and contamination.

Adequate Care – tomatoes need care like watering, mulching and stake training.

Harvesting – You will know that it is harvest time if the fruit is fully coloured and firm. This usually happens 50 to 80 days after planting.

However, if frost is coming near, you should not wait for the tomatoes to ripen before you harvest them, you have to harvest the fruit before frost.

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